President / CEO


James Pieri Sr., first became involved in San Diego Real Estate in 1975 and opened MountainWest in Chula Vista Real Estate in 1981. His company has developed over $600,000,000 in real estate projects including the first Class "A" office buildings in Chula Vista. Mr. Pieri's projects have had the esteem privilege of winning the Chula Vista Beautification award five times over the past decade including winning the coveted City of Chula Vista "Mayor's Award of Excellence." One of his largest redevelopment projects, Gateway Chula Vista which is a three building ±389,000 SF Class “A" Office/Retail project, received the "Golden Nugget Award of Merit" at the annual awards ceremony held in San Francisco. His commitment to Chula Vista has been evident throughout his career and his company has been involved in bringing over 360 notable businesses as tenants to projects he has developed. These Tenants employ over 2,000 people at buildings in Chula Vista developed by Mr. Pieri and they generate annual business revenues in excess of $15 Billion.

Mr. Pieri is currently President and CEO of MountainWest Real Estate ("Mountain West"), which has its main offices at 303 H Street, Suite 103 in Chula Vista. MountainWest does property management, commercial leasing, project management and asset management. MountainWest offers consulting expertise in all of Mr. Pieri's Development Projects through Project Management for pre development, permit processing, construction and lease up.

Mr. Pieri has been a B.O.M.A. judge and has been a member of the Chula Vista Chamber for over ten years. He has been chairman of the Rancho Santa Fe Farms Architectural Review Association for three years, and a member of the Board of Directors for four years. He has been a Board of Director of Westport Village at Stonecrest in San Diego and a Board of Director of The Carmel Valley Planning Board, which he served for over eight years. He currently is a director of The Santaluz Aesthetics Council, which he has served for 4 years. He was a founding director of The Chula Vista Urban Development Corporation which has been instrumental in formation of a center city development corporation for the City of Chula Vista known as CVRC. 

He has been President of Unico National, the largest Italian American organization in the United States and also has served as District Governor for the same organization. He is a life member of the California Highway Patrol 11-99 organization. He served as an advisory board of director to Scripps Mercy in Chula Vista. 

Mr. Pieri recently entitled and sold a 97 unit apartment project known as Stone Creek Casitas in Chula Vista and is currently in the process of developing a 135 unit apartment project known as Urbana Chula Vista which is in the central urban core. He is currently in the development process for SouthBay Veterans Administration Clinical facility on H Street next to the Gateway 2 Project. Mr. Pieri has ventured into Mobile homes and currently owns 15 units in Stanton, California. He is bullish on the future of modular home subdivisions. 

With over 36 years of Real Estate experience he has contributed a long lasting impact to the communities he has had the good fortune to work in. His commitment to quality and community service is his top priority. His motto, "Success Built on Commitment" certainly is demonstrated throughout the numerous projects, which adorn the urban streets of Chula Vista and San Diego.