Creative Director +

Aundrea Trapp has been contracted for all the Graphic Design that includes environmental graphics, package design, print collateral, corporate Brand identities, and web design for MountainWest Real Estate since 2001, further rebranding MountainWest Properties in 2007 and adding to her portfolio with accounts like Chula Vista Executive Suites, Urbana - Urban Apartment Living, Stone Creek Casitas. She ventures in many outside developments like Agave Coffee & Café and is contracted to work on the up-and-coming Agave Bistro. MountainWest Real Estate is privileged to have such a talented Creative Director onboard whose contributions and creativity has provided a professional high-level design. She strives to keep MountainWest Real Estate on the cutting edge of the ever growing and changing competitive markets. 

Mrs. Trapp believes great design starts with a strong concept, creative use of color, overall attention to detail with typography and layout. She is trusted within MountainWest to conquer any challenge specializing in Adobe Creative Suite specifically AI CSS. Aundrea holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design from the Academy Of Art University - San Francisco, California. Currently active as a Creative Director, Art Director, and Senior Level Designer she holds large corporate accounts, freelancing for Marriott brand, Omni brand, Escalante brand, and Destinations brand.

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